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  • is for sale

  • After many years of holding onto this great domain name, we are selling it!  We are hoping to capitalize in years of having used this valuable URL and we are asking readers and friends to please let anyone they think might be interested to know about the sale. A bit of a six degrees of separation if you will, from those who would really want to capitalize by buying this domain name ¬ We are doi[...]
  • Responsive email design

  • According to a study of over 250 million opens worldwide by email analytics providers Litmus, 47% of emails are now opened on mobile devices. It’s only natural then that users expect email to evolve and accommodate their needs when interacting with smaller screens and touch interfaces, just as websites have with responsive designs ¬ Developers and designers have already begun forging the p[...]
  • Art is the mind; design is the brain

  •   My thesis is that the vast majority of non-designers don’t actually understand what a designer’s real role is. This often translates into frustration for both non-designers and designers alike, and has a negative impact on the outcome of any design project ¬ In order to understand a designer’s role, we need to know that design and art are not the same and sometimes, are not [...]
  • You know too much

  • At MediaBox, every project starts with a design brief which helps us set a direction and understand the objectives for each job. In these briefs, we include information such as the project’s intended target audience ¬ Because it is easy to forget that typically we are not the target audience for our projects, in this post I want to highlight the value of forgetting preconceptions when anal[...]
  • Defining good design

  • How does one define "good design"? There are many ways to separate good from bad design. Although some people will say it's all rather subjective -really, it isn't ¬ Design can be analyzed and evaluated; in fact it should be. Good design can be recognized by  applying some simple rules- rules that are not difficult to learn and which you will come to appreciate when you are next evaluating[...]
  • I want your feedback, please

  • The “.ca” after MediaBox is a new address for us, and it comes with a new Web site. While the portfolio section will continue to be populated with many of the hundreds of jobs we have completed over the years, and this blog will be filled with interesting posts overtime (I hope), I need your feedback to “get it right” for you, our client ¬ Here’s my dilemma – and please – don’t stop me[...]