is for sale

After many years of holding onto this great domain name, we are selling it!  We are hoping to capitalize in years of having used this valuable URL and we are asking readers and friends to please let anyone they think might be interested to know about the sale. A bit of a six degrees of separation if you will, from those who would really want to capitalize by buying this domain name ¬

.comWe are doing an auction for the domain name sale, and if we can get more than $10,000, a portion of the money will go to charity. If you would like to tell us which charity or charities we should contribute to, please let us know ¬

When it comes to domain names, prices are incredibly varied depending on several factors. If you are curious about how much a domain name can sell for (and you might find it hard to believe), here’s a list that might interest you. Here’s hoping we do better than with lottery tickets ;)