Gabriel Senn

I have been a practitioner in the fields of graphic design & visual communications for over 30 years. My design work has included publications and packaging; displays including point of sale, exhibits and three-dimensional design; environmental design including vehicles, signage and uniforms; identity creation including corporate identity, program and product branding and usage guidelines.

Currently, I am applying this knowledge and experience for Web site design and development as well as Web apps development and business process automation.

As a business owner in the field for over 20 years, I have acquired a wealth of experience to guide the MediaBox team.

I have also been a teacher of graphic design in Canada and abroad and a published author in the field. Speaker at conferences about Web marketing, and have been a contributor to professional publications and quoted in articles about the profession of graphic design.

Author archives: Gabriel Senn

  • Danara Software

  • Danara Software, a company working in "the hive" of developers, describes itself as: MediaBox worked together with Danara Software to uncover an identity that eloquently represents their business message, and continued as technical and communications partners in projects for shared clients 
  • Senate of Canada

  • This project required the design of several templates for Web pages for individual members of the Senate of Canada, as well as to create a custom Content Management System (CMS) which would allow fast and easy content updating ¬ The audience for the front end of the project, the Senators’ bilingual Web sites, is the Canadian public at large. The target audience for the “back end” CMS are S[...]
  • Drake Landing Web

  • The Drake Landing Solar Community Website was designed to promote Canadian solar technology and to inform the public at large of the success of the project. With a varied audience — from engineers to homeowners — the design needed to be engaging for a non-technical audience and sufficiently rigorous and professional in it's technical pages ¬ With the key messages of lifestyle, sun and natu[...]
  • Nortel semiconductors

  • As the internal requirements for semiconductors at Nortel diminished, a separate section capable of designing and developing units for external clients was being created ¬ MediaBox was tasked with designing a brand identity to represent a group of professionals to explore global markets for their product – Nortel’s semiconductors division – Global Explorers ¬ The iconography and na[...]
  • Competition Bureau

  • Designed to be used during university recruitment drives, the display for the Competition Bureau was designed as part of a series of promotional tools to attract young professionals to consider employment with the Bureau ¬ Simple in design, with a message that is is bold and free of overly complex information, this display has continued to be used over the years, even as other designs mate[...]
  • Activity Book for Children

  • As with all our projects, this activity book for children was designed first and foremost with the target audience in mind. In this case that was both primary school children and their teachers ¬ This is a learning tool. By keeping the information easy to read, the design up to date and by using some of the illustrations that had made their mark in years past, children were engaged and lea[...]