Senate of Canada

This project required the design of several templates for Web pages for individual members of the Senate of Canada, as well as to create a custom Content Management System (CMS) which would allow fast and easy content updating Â¬

The audience for the front end of the project, the Senators’ bilingual Web sites, is the Canadian public at large. The target audience for the “back end” CMS are Senators’ administrative personnel, tasked with keeping the content up to date Â¬

The Senators needed to present themselves and their work in different ways and a variety of styles. The two most important challenges were winning the approval of a large group of Senators by offering a variety of attractive templates and the development of a custom CMS that would work with a variety of designs yet be specific to each Senator’s requirements Â¬

MediaBox undertook a through review of all existing Senators’ Web sites and provided recommendations for client review. The design of the front end, including a common content structure, resulted from the integration of these research results and clients input. All the Web template designs, five in total each with a regional “look”, as well as the back end, including administration, CMS and WYSIWYG editors, were approved with only minor adjustments. MediaBox’s past experience with client-centered Web solutions such as this, ensured fast approvals with few changes despite the challenges of meeting the demands of a large client base