Company history

MediaBox Communications was established in 1993, by Gabriel Senn. Our guiding philosophy is to provide the best design and communications solutions for every different set of objectives and strategies ¬

There is no cookie-cutter solution. Our diverse portfolio shows our wide-ranging approach to communications problem-solving. Nor is there a MediaBox “look”. Every job is analyzed and stratgies developed to meet it’s specific objectives. The goal is to produce an appropriate design solution that satisfies all the client’s criteria ¬

Experience plays an essential role in design as does the spontaneity and unfettered thinking of younger designers. We have both. The balance works to the benefit of our clients&nbsp ¬

Our core team

The MediaBox team has complementary talents ranging from marketing and design expertise to programming and project management. We work in English, French and Spanish. All team members are graduates in their related professional fields and have been working professionally in communications, design and/or programming for the last five years or longer&nbsp ¬

Beyond the core

MediaBox works with a wide range of experienced independent designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, consultants and programmers to meet all our client’s needs in a timely manner. When subcontracted parties are used, MediaBox remains the prime contractor, guaranteeing the quality of the work subcontractors perform&nbsp ¬

Our clients

MediaBox clients range in size and style, from high tech to governments, and small private companies to major institutions. We don’t choose our clients, but our clients do continue to choose us